Hi, I'm Cory Meikle

I'm a Full-Stack Software Developer

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About me...

Hi. I'm Cory Meikle a Full Stack Software Developer from Swansea, South Wales.

I began teaching myself programming in 2017, and whilst at first it was a hobby I eventually decided to turn it into my career, due to my enjoyment of writing code.

I have a preference to working in full stack development, but recently I've been exploring more of the front end world which lead me to becoming a ReactJS developer at AO, where I am employed as a Senior developer.

Outside of programming, I also quite enjoy gaming, playing the guitar, and taking walks.

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My Journey So Far

September 2022

Joined AO as a React Developer

I decided to move on from Wren Kitchens as I wanted to improve my ReactJS knowledge. I interviewed at AO and received a job offer where I would work on one of the smaller parts of AO, Mobile Phones Direct.

July 2022

We became the highest performing team

In July 2022, PIM became the highest performing team across Wren's IT Department! We consecutively achieved 100% sprints and were always delivering high quality work.

November 2021

Became a software development team leader at Wren Kitchens

I was placed into one of the many SCRUM teams on Planner2D, named PIM (Planner Improvements). In November I was offered to lead the team, and after some discussions with other members of the team I decided to undertake the role, as I love experiencing new things.

September 2021

Joined Wren Kitchens as a Software Developer

Whilst Hoowla was a great company to work for, I wanted to learn more about how the tech department in larger companies worked. Wren Kitchens has a large IT Department, so I applied and received a job offer to become a JavaScript Developer, working on the 2D CAD system Planner2D.

July 2019

Began my first Software Development job at Hoowla

I decided to see how well I enjoyed my hobby as a job, and landed a role as a Full Stack Developer at Hoowla. This was a great environment which shaped where I am now, I undertook a project to build a booking management system for a teacher recruitment agency as one of Hoowla's side hustles at the time. This project lasted a long time, and I got to see the entire software development lifecycle first-hand from scoping to final result.

Sometime in 2018...

Began teaching myself programming as a small time hobby

I wanted to learn a new skill, and decided that since I spend a lot of time at my pc, how about programming? Thus began my journey to where I am now, starting off by writing some Python scripts that could post on twitter, and play a nice game of rock, paper, scissors just to name a few.

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